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 Sectional Overhead Doors  


 The tracks will be manufactured from 2mm thick galvanized steel "C" section 26mm wide by 52mm deep.

VERTICAL TRACKS will be bolted and riveted at various centres on an inclined angle to provide a wedge type closing action and fitted with brackets for fixing to brick, steel to suit each customers requirements  

HORIZONTAL TRACKS will be reinforced with galvanised steel angle 4Omm x 3mm thick. The tracks will be supported at the ends and where tracks exceed 3000mm will come complete with centre support bracket will be supplied as standard

TRACK OPTIONS include standard lift, high lift, vertical lift and contour lift to suit pitched roofs are available, all vertical tracks are supplied with PVC side weather seals as standard


All sectional door parts are galvanised for weather protection, doors supplied with side hinges and adjustable brackets and nylon rollers, intermediate hinges including lubrication holes, cable drums and cables, bottom corner brackets, track spring bumpers, and self tapping screws

Spring Units

Spring units are designed individually for each opening required, spring units are of the highest grade and supplied with PVC spring fillers plugs and winders; fully keyed 25mm dim shaft c/w keys, spring break device if required and end bearing brackets

Sectional Door Operation

Manual doors 2500mm wide X 2500mm high can be manually operated with a lifting handle and pull down cord also hand chain driven, electric motors 3 phase or 1 phase complete with various control systems, also available are various safety systems

Electric Accessories

  • Safety Edge
  • Loop Detectors
  • Radar Units
  • Fork Lift Truck Remote Controls
  • Traffic Lights

Insulated Door Panels

Stucco embossed steel insulated door panels are 610mm deep x 40mm thick, both faces c/w ribbed profile and finished in various RAL polyester colours