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Electrical & Manual Roller Shutter Doors
Roller Shutter Door

Secure Industrial Doors specialise in the manufacturing of all types of industrial and commercial roller shutter doors; we are also the north west premier service and repair specialists.  

Our Roller Shutter Doors have been designed to suit industrial and commercial applications. Generally fabricated from 75mm concave or 50mm flat galvanised lath, with an option for plastisol and BS or RAL powder coating, typical door operation push up self coiling operation or geared hand chain or single and three part phase electrical operation.


Shutter Door Specifications:
Secure Industrial Doors
barrel assembly on our Industrial Roller Shutters are constructed from high quality mild steel tubing made from various diameters starting at 102mm up up to 275mm with a wall thickness from 3.65mm to 10mm depending on the size of the shutter door itself. Internal counter balancing springs are housed within captivating machined mild steel blocks and bearings which rotate on a suitable bright drawn mild steel shaft for perfect concentric rotation.


Angles, Brackets and Guides:
Typically constructed on a flag post arrangement for easier installation, brackets are formed from galvanised or mild steel plate with a minimum plate thickness starting at 3m up to 12m for large doors, a steel 'U' cup is bolted to each bracket by high tensile bolts for extra safety so that the milled shaft to locate into. The guides are constructed from galvanised mild steel angle not less than 3mm thick to give an adequate projection together with a rolled guide channel section with a minimum depth of 63mm and a maximum depth of 100mm.


Curtain Specifications:
A range of roller shutter door curtains are available, these include:

  • 50mm flat galvanised lath.
  • 75mm concave galvanised lath.
  • 50mm and 75mm deep galvanised perforated lath for ventilation and visibility.100mm deep high profile flat lath for very large openings.

All curtains are constructed with plastic or steel endlocks to suit the type of roller shutter door and to prevent lateral movement. A 'T' or L  section bottom rail is included with appropriate cutouts to suit different guide units


Roller Shutter Door Finishes:

  • Standard galvanised, plastisol colour range, polyester powder coat to BS and RAL colour range.
  • Optional Extras:
    Covering canopies and fascias.
  • Personnel wicket gates.
  • Bottom weather seal.
  • Brush strip seal.
  • Safety bottom strip.

Electric Motors.

  • Flanged motors are supplied C/W per-wired pendant switch and low level handchain for manual override
  • Direct drive motors, mechanical range C/W limits, can be upgraded for various safety features, or accessories if required

Tubular Motors, single phase tubular motors cover all customer needs from commercial doors to large industrial doors

 Roller Shutter Accessories

Controllers & Receivers for electric doors.

Electric Roller Shutter Accessories  
  • 10A Receiver C/W 2no fobs, receiver has deadman no/off, motor direction change will accept key swich or push button device


  • Group conroller, C/W 4 channel handset, 4 motor controller, can operate 4 motors simultaneously or each motor individually

Electric Roller Shutter Accessories

  • Gewiss rocker switch with deadman function


  • Keyswitch GEBA type


  • Push button controller C/W deadman function & key operation

Beware Keypad

  • Bewator K42 Keypad - The K42 codelock has the capacity of two 4-digit codes.  One code can be used by residents or employees, while the other is used bu the property caretaker, postman, newspaper delivery and other service providers, for example.

AP4 Pushbutton Station

  • Locking Push Buttons - AP4 Push Button Station

 Roller Shutter Keyswitch



  •  Roller shutter motor control keyswitch suitable for direct connection to 230v ac

3 push button station



  • 3 Push Button Station Exterior Control Station Surface Mount Electric Control Stations